SEO as low as $99We offer ready-to-go SEO packages that are perfect for your website. You won't need to know and studythe nuances of SEO: we will find a flawless and unique solution exactly for your business needs.We are a team of highly-qualified SEO specialists, software engineers, UX designers, developers, and UI designers that can deal with any issues of your website and business - and we do it in depth, not superficially, ...... And not 'for show'. 100% Quality Guarantee.If we do not solve the SEO issues of your ...... website, we guarantee you a refund.Why are we better for you? 1. Our services cost less because we're an all-digital company: we don't spend money on expensive offices in a high-rise downtown building with an ...... ocean view. We don't buy cookies and coffee machines or waste time on endless meetings that are just about showing off. We concentrate on the real work, not on impression and image: we only have a back office in California, and that’s it. 2. We actually do 'advanced technical SEO': we check 237 technical factors on your website that affect security, performance, ...... accessibility, speed, on-page optimization, size, crawling, indexing, and discovery - all of which have a serious impact on SEO. While all of our packages include advanced technical SEO - even the 'Earth' package, which is only $99 - other agencies call 70-90 technical factors 'advanced technical SEO' and offer it for much higher prices. 3. We offer fixed prices which guarantees you that the price will not ...... not change depending on the 'niche', 'situation' or 'context' of your website or business industry, as it usually happens with other SEO agencies. Our prices are the same for everyone and they are fixed. We are not right for those who like to spend a lot of time on talking around; ...... who like to walk around offices, drink coffee and negotiate endlessly; who need to waste a huge budget, enriching the famous tech giants; who care more about the process than the result. We are not for those for whom empty talk, image and show off is more important than actual results.Let’s work, not talk. Every single website needs to follow at least three steps to be successfully boosted. 1. Technical SEO; 2. Content SEO; ...... 3. Off-page SEO. All of our packages always include these steps. How we work and what we do:We perform in-depth technical diagnostics covering 237 unique factors of your website to identify any fundamental issues related to Google and Bing requirements, performance, and advanced code optimization. We analyze your website's content, such as text, images, and videos, so that it meets search engine standards: quality, formats, usability, accessibility, design, and technical aspects. While other agencies charge additional fees for these audits, we include them in ...... of our packages, even the 'Earth' package, which only costs $99. Improve your site's reputation in the eyes of Google and Bing. Link building not for the sake of it, but for real, natural growth of organic and referral traffic. Our ...... ready-to-go packages. We have 4 pricing plans for 'regular' websites and 4 plans for 'eCommerce' websites. We also offer a 'Build it yourself' plan so you ...... can create a perfect and unique plan for your website. Click on each package to view more info. Packages: 'Earth' ...... 10 pages - 3 keywords for $99SEO package 'Saturn': 75 pages - 25 keywords for $217SEO package 'Uranus': 150 pages - 60 keywords for $429SEO package 'Mars': 300 pages - 75 keywords for $853Packages for E-Commerce: SEO package 'Neptune': 500 pages - 90 keywords for $970E-Commerce SEO package 'Jupiter': 1200 pages - 190 keywords for $1320E-Commerce SEO package 'Moon': 2500 pages - 350 keywords for $1971E-Commerce SEO package 'Venus': 5000 pages - 500 keywords for $2712Additional servicesYou can get additional services for your website if you need them, prices are calculated on an hourly basis. a) Full Website Audit: We perform an in-depth website audit that covers all necessary SEO-related aspects. b) Selective Pages Audit Audit selected pages when you need to check only specific pages, not your entire site. For example, after you have completely ...... changed your main page and you need to check it right away. c) Complete analysis of a competitor: Analysis of keywords, semantic core, performance, design, content, ranks, positions, and most importantly, a report that suggests what you need to change to surpass the competitors. d) Link building plan development: Discover the link-building opportunities that would work most effectively, exactly for your business.e) Google My Business, Bing Places setup: Add your business to maps for better reach. f) Analytics or webmaster tools setup Set up the tools of your choice for successful tracking and webmaster tools configuration. g) Content Plan - Copywriting Specifications: Develop unique and effective content ideas ...... that will attract customers to your blog and drive sales. h) Discovering Rich Snippet Opportunities Find the best ways to implement structured data on as many pages as possible. Create your premium SEO plan.We can create a unique deluxe SEO package that is exactly tailored to your website and requirements. Create premium SEO plan. Quick start. Ready to work with us? Just fill out the form with some details like your website and preferred package. We will analyze your site, its condition, volume, size and contact you. 1. Fill out the form. 2. We will analyze your website and guide you to choose the perfect package. 3. You confirm the details, and after the payment, we begin our successful cooperation.Boost SEO of my website.Portfolio: Spotify, Proton, Arla, Datacamp, TGI Fridays, The Skills Network, Car & Classic, Nivoda, Alternative Airlines, Nexford University, BeauhurstColumn 'SEO from InterstellarSEO' and 'Other agencies'. 'Prices' - InterstellarSEO: Transparent and fixed prices with no hidden costs, you always know the right and up-to-date prices; Other agencies: Impossible to find prices, have to wait or contact someone to get them. 'E-Commerce' - InterstellarSEO: Special packages for e-commerce; Others: Extremely high prices. 'Websites volumes' - InterstellarSEO: special package for websites with less than 10 page, we value all businesses, of any size; Others: only for large businesses.'Offers' - InterstellarSEO: incredible value deals that in- clude everything you need for successful SEO; Others: extremely 'small' offers that include nothing for absurd prices. 'Solutions' - InterstellarSEO: not only identifying issues, but also offering ways to solve them; Others: simply making reports that do nothing for you. 'Link-building' - InterstellarSEO: link building for real natural growth, not for show; Others: pointless link with no value.'Discounts' - InterstellarSEO: up-to 30% discount for your next website; Others: none. 'Technical SEO' - InterstellarSEO: incredible attention to technical SEO; Others: believe that technical SEO is only about 'title' and 'meta'.FAQ section. What is SEO? Why does a website need it? | Right now, SEO is more important than ever. For example, you can have the most beautiful and shiny sports car, but it simply does not run. To find out what is wrong, you need to open the hood and take a look inside - the same is true for a website's SEO. You can have the best product or website in the world, but if your website has critical SEO issues, then unfortunately all your efforts will be wasted and no one will ever be able to find your website in Google or Bing.What payment model do you use? | We use a 'prepaid' payment model: you pay for the full monthly cost of our service, according to the package you choose. Every month we will send you a new invoice for the next month. This way, if for any reason you decide not to continue, you let us know and we will not send any more invoices and we will stop all work on your website. | What happens if my site grows in size? | Say you create 100 new pages of products or items and your plan no longer covers the new size of your site. Don't worry! You can easily 'upgrade' your package so it matches the new website's size.What if I create a second website or e-commerce store? | You will need to purchase a second package for this website, depending on its size. But because you are already our customer, we will give you a personal discount, you can expect up to 30% discount.Is time the most important factor in SEO? | Yes, it is true - the earlier you start optimizing your website, the faster the growth will be. As soon as your website solves all technical issues, gets proper off-page SEO and has quality content, success will follow.How quickly will I see the results of my website's SEO? | You will start to see the results of SEO after 3-9 weeks of optimization. This time varies greatly depending on your niche, competitors, keyword frequency, target audience, and how accurately and quickly your developers follow and implement our recommendations.We guarantee that your website will be 100% optimized, just as our website is. Working SEO for woking people. Boost SEO of my website.Button to open SEO formEnd of the page

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This package covers websites with up to 300 pages, including the collection of Semantic Core with the size of up to 600 keywords for further usage in the content of the websites (such as articles, marketing texts, metadata, and URLs).

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